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Whether you are a residential or a corporate customer, Shred of America has document shredding solutions to match your needs.

Protect your identity, and your business with paper shredding services

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Identity thieves know where you are at risk. They do try to get your paper trash and scan through it to steal sensitive data about you, about your business, and your customers. In fact, it's the law that you have an obligation to protect your customer's information.

Prevent criminal access to your sensitive personal and business data.

Criminals Look for Opportunities in Your Trash

Too often we hear stories about identity theft and business data loss due to negligence. When you know that your paper trash is criminals treasure, you would want to ensure you dispose of paper document in a responsible manner.

Prevent criminal access to your sensitive personal and business data.

Scheduled Purge Services Are a Great Tool Against Identity Theft

If you collect personally identifiable information, credit cards, and credit reports as part of your business process, you are bound by law to protect the identity of your customers. Non-compliance could result in heavy fines, lawsuits, and could possibly cost you your business and your freedom.

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When data in information security management is the concern, you can trust Shred of America to deliver on-site, under your supervision, paper shredding services.

We Provide On-Site Shredding

So you don't have to worry! But, don;t take our words for it. Inspect the work for yourself or designate a supervisor! It's that simple with on-site, in front of you shredding.

Never trust companies promising to do of-site shredding of your documents. Despite the contract, it's take one bad apple for things to go wrong. Imagine your information in the wrong hand!

At shred of America, we ONLY do on-site shredding. We never take your document out off sight or off-site. You are in control. You can watch the entire process or designate someone to report to you.

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